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ThWit Offline

Beiträge: 335

09.08.2009 10:57
#31 RE: Well~come Antworten

Hello Choi & Ric

The Rules of the Games have become harder in the last version. The Hidden Timer increases every 99 Seconds.
Maybe have a look at the "How to play" for further details.
>she's tried saving (level 4) and still beeps (it is the
>sound wav of: alert02.wav) afterwards.
If the Points (not the score) are less then the amount needed for 15 Seconds, the alert-sound will warn you.
Shortly after that the Game ends in most cases.
To set the Hidden-Timer back to 1 just activate a Joker, if you have one.
Try to play the Game in very easy and see the difference...


Vera Offline

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11.08.2009 20:52
#32 RE: Well~come Antworten

Dear Choi & Ric,

just to let you know, I released my block-set today including an engish 'ReadThis'.

You'll find it here :
and I hope you'll enjoy it.

have good games ~ Vera

Jannika Offline

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17.11.2009 17:46
#33 RE: Well~come Antworten

This game is very addicting. Since I started playing, I get no work done! I keep saying "Just one more game" but I can't stop. Thank you for making it.

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